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Hawsheng Food Machinery Co., Ltd was established in 1984 in yilan county Taiwan province. In 1998, we opened a branch establishment, i.e.: Guangzhou Hawsheng Food Machinery Co., Ltd. With more than 20 years of development of baking machinery, we have built a complete service system including everything from design, development, production, and specialized marketing. Especially Technology Development, we have pioneered domestic baking market, which have increased our market competitive strength.
Hawsheng is best known for its tunnel oven, Tray revolving oven, and rotary rack oven ,we was in possession of other broad array of machines, such as :Deck Oven ,Spiral Mixer, Dough Sheeter, Moulding machine ,Proofer, Dividing & Rounding machine ,and so on. Meanwhile, we collaborate with some aboard famous band machinery .in recent years, for meeting the increasing demand from baking market, we have successful exploited some production line: Full Automatic Cake/Moon cake/Bun /Toast Production Line, and so on.
Constant innovations, increasing product quality and satisfaction of customers’ needs have helped Hawsheng to achieve market leadership in China bakery industry. And hawsheng machinery had been sold in dozens of cities and regions at home and abroad. Including Beijing, Shanghai Guangdong, Hongkong, USA, Japan, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, etc.



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